No Man Is An Island
One little step
The ultimate goal of a web search isn’t always a piece of information. When people look for something online, more often than not they want to find a solution to a specific problem. To meet this demand, websites try to offer specific solutions to specific problems. This, however, may involve more than one click.
Yandex now offers a shortcut to the user’s ultimate search goal. When a search query is a task, Yandex offers a cluster of information which helps a user to solve this task. The search result is an island — the first step to the goal.
Yandex’s new search results page consists of interactive blocks — islands. These blocks are the first step to the user’s search goal and can be anything from factual information to purchase buttons or order forms. Yandex Islands give website owners a chance to directly connect with their visitors, while web users can instantly see and choose the best and most relevant solution to their problem.
If you have a website, you can have your own Yandex Island. Using our special website markup standard, you can:
1. offer your input or transaction forms,
2. show your information in real time,
3. modify the look of your island right in search results.
Heading for the Islands
Yandex Islands is now available in Turkey. Web users in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan will also see Yandex Islands soon.